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The Piper

At ‘The Laird Of Port-à-Beul’, you can hire piper Wilbert van den Boom for various occasions should you so require.  These occasions can include weddings, funerals, commemorations, ceremonials, games, birthdays, business parties, Burns Suppers or ensemble playing with other kind of bands and others.

The Bagpipes

Grainger & Campbell Grainger & Campbell bagpipe

Grainger & Campbell (1970).
Slides are silver relief , thistle motif, engraved. Done by the Canadian Silversmith 'David Marshall'. Especially for the solo's .

Dave Marshall silver


Kintail Bagpipes


Kintail (1995) . Especially for my band performances.


DunbarDunbar Bagpipes

Dunbar (Canada) . Made of Polypenco plastic. Chalice style . 'Bullit and cold weather proof'. Has been on the 'roof' of Europe: the Mont Blanc (4810,90 m)

Chalice bagpipe

Dress gallery
Depending on the occasion, you may have a preference for the way you wish the piper to be dressed.  This can be formal or informal, trews or kilt, evening or day-dress.
At ‘The Laird of Port -à- Beul’ you can choose from more then 40 different, original, regimental piper uniforms of famous, honourable regiments of the:

Argyll & Sutherland HighlandersArgyll & Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise’s) ( Scotland ),

Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders CanadaArgyll & Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise’s) of Canada
Queen’s Own Cameron HighlandersQueen’s Own Cameron Highlanders ( Scotland ),
Cameron Highlanders of OttawaCameron Highlanders of Ottawa ( Canada )
Cameron Highlanders of Queensland 61st. BattalionCameron Highlanders of Queensland 61st. Battalion, ( Australia )
, Queen’s Own Highlanders Queen’s Own Highlanders (Scotland)
, Cameronians Cameronians (Lowland regiment, Scotland). Correct picture in correct Douglas tartan will follow
RCAF piperRoyal Canadian Airforce (RCAF)
Mclaren Piperand Civilian Dress

You can view the range of piper uniforms at the dress gallery and make your choice at our online booking facility shop. Perhaps you can not make a choice immediately. We will be pleased to assist you. Just request for it by email at contact us ‘or at the fulfilment at the online booking.
Furthermore ‘The Laird of Port -à- Beul’ will be pleased to assist at the completion of your Scottish programme or Scottish clothing to be worn.

Costs of Hiring a piper
The charge for hiring a piper for an event is 100.00 Euro for the first hour, the hours thereafter will be charged 50.00 Euro p/hour (travelling costs excluded).  Whilst the piper can be hired for any location world-wide, it is suggested you enquire regarding a quote for a specific event, by email or at our booking online. International travelling will be as low-budget as possible.

Further arrangements can easily be made by our online booking facility.

 Tune shop
You can select out of a range of about 70 Scottish or other popular tunes, which the piper can play for you. Selection can be made at the online booking. But beforehand you can listen to the tunes and download them at the tune shop. It all are small files in midi format .

Further arrangements can easily be made through our online booking; just browse through our menu to get there.

 Tune albums
‘The Laird of Port-à-Beul’ has also something special in the field of music sheets. For sale are bagpipe arrangements/compositions of:

  • Popular music of the War years 1939-1945 (Moonlight Serenade, White Cliffs of Dover, Until we Meet Again, The Chestnut Tree and so on ) in the album: ‘The Sweet Potato Piper’. Total 23 tunes
  • Arrangements of popular music sung by soldiers in those war years ( Lilli Marlene, Washing on the Siegfried Line, Kiss me Goodnight Sergeant Major, South of the Border (Down Mexico Way), Keep the Home-fires Burning and so on) in the album: ‘Bags Of Swank’. Total 14 tunes
  • Original pipe tunes written and played on the battlefields during the Great War (1914-1918) in the Album: ‘Pipes of War’. In total 51 tunes.
  • ‘Blue X-Mass , a lot of nice traditional Christmas tunes in PDF format, arranged by Pipers of the Dutch Military Pipes & Drums: 'The Blue Guards'.

You can listen to these arrangements and order them in our tune shop.

 Regimental tunes & others
Also downloadable are several special traditional tunes and the repertoire of the Cameron Highlanders of Canada (from WW2) and the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa Canada, all in .bww format.
Now also available a range of X-mas tunes and some rare pipe tunes.

 Online booking
Through our online booking your further settlement of hiring can be arranged. Like the choice of dress, possible tunes to be played and further agreements of time and place.

Choice of tunes is optional, if you don't make your own selection the piper will play his favourites and other nice Scottish tunes.

 Regimental shop
At this shop, at regular times Scottish bagpipe related goods and clothing are for sale.

For further enquiries please visit our booking online shop or write your question to. ‘Contact us’.

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